During the Soviet period, electronic and information warfare were prominent elements in Russia's strategy and analysis of the “correctional of forces.” Today Russia is in the epicenter of all things cyber. The Russian military general staff were among the earliest to recognize the growing significance of cyber warfare as a new weaponized tool affecting the center of gravity for an opponent’s war fighting capabilities.

Today Russian cyber-criminals wreck havoc throughout the highest echelon of the financial and technological communities. Most importantly, cyber has been incorporated into fighting and planning war as experienced in Estonia, 2006, Georgia 2008 and Ukraine most recently.

Today cyber is at the forefront of privacy discussions throughout the world. Russia however has clearly developed not only the technical proficiency but the operational acumen to implement a full scale information warfare plan that incorporates cyper as a precurser to war and into the initial psychological operation of the plan. This has been effectively implemented into the Ukranian conflict and the West struggles with its catastrophic diplomatic implications.

Included here are some presentations I have made over the YEARS that attempted to shed light upon the cyber warfare subject that at the time was not fully comprehended or appreciated.